Thursday, November 12, 2009

Post-Apocalyptic Mars

"Do you want to learn what NASA is afraid to tell us? Do you want to see what is really on Mars? You are not afraid of challenging your beliefs are you? Good! Now go purchase Mac Tonnies' exceptional book which reveals the secrets of Mars that are contained in NASA's own photographs. Not only is Mac a brilliant writer but he presents his case for the probablity of artificial artifacts on the red planet with the skill of a trial attorney. His arguments are objective and relevent - his conclusions are intelligent and logical. With Tonnies' book you will take a revealing trip to Mars - and you will go first class!"
- Peter Gersten

Mac and I had our disagreements about Martian artifacts. I once devoted a whole website - The House of Spirits - to my "findings" at Gusev Crater, two elements of which appear above from Sol 60 and Sol 136 respectively. (courtesy of JPL/NASA) Mac was not entirely convinced by my findings... but we were both devoted Martian enthusiasts and made a pact to "return" as future Martian archeologists!
His book, "After the Martian Apocalypse" is still available from Amazon.

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