Friday, January 25, 2013

Hungry for Mars?

I guess I must be!

 Found a listing for Curiosity rover weekly reports and thought I'd share. It's about as close to a walk on Mars that one can get presently...

For past & future reports, try here.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blade Runner Revisited

"We may not literally have built Replicants yet, but the thrust of Dick's ideas, brought to life in Blade Runner, was not really about that. The point was that the Replicants could be anyone. The robots-becoming more-human-than-human trope was only a metaphor for collective dissociation, brought on by exponential progress. In that dissociative societal process, who can say who the arbiters of rationality, normality and morality are?"

- excerpt from Retro-futurism: 1968 On the Way to 2019 via Histories  of Things To Come

For all you Blade Runner fanatics out there - and Mac was surely one - check out the latest post over at Histories of Things to Come... it just might make your day.