Monday, July 26, 2010

Gone Fishing

I've been telling myself for weeks, "Yo, Dia, meat-space is seriously awry!" But, compulsively, I blogged away, procrastinating, in my usual way, till disaster was imminent, but not before. In any event, I think it's just about exactly that time for me to hang up my "Gone Fishing" sign, and deal with matters at hand.

I wanted to post a photo of Mac, and I had a different one in mind, but, lo and behold, upon examining Mac's Flickr pages I was creeped-out to find that his collection had diminished to 163 shots. I finally learned that this is what becomes of a "Pro" account; down-sized when one is no longer a paying customer. I don't know if this is the case with his YouTube playlist, but it, too, has been diminished and altered.

Happily, I did have some shots that Mac emailed to me. The one above, however, had become detached from its original mail, so I don't know the exact date it was taken (we can assume it was around the Christmas season of 2007 or 2008). He may have featured it on PHB as well, though... With some sort of funny reference to that "orb" in the photo. I figure the orb has something to do with his flash reflected in the window behind him, but it is strange that it appears to be in front of his face.

I dreamt about Mac the other night. He was alive and well in the dream, and we were about to take a walk to a local liquor store. In reality, Mac didn't drink, except for the occasional beer, so, maybe that was the game-plan. In any event, I was still futzing around and I let him go on ahead. Unfortunately, when I tried to catch up with him a few minutes later, I found myself stuck in this weird sort of steam-punk miniature golf course! What a metaphor!

In any case, I'm long over-due for a break... so, Do What Thou Wilt, and so will I - but, most especially, enjoy the rest of your summer!

Added Note: I just finished wrapping this post up, and tinkering with the sidebar, when I looked out the deck door and saw what looked like a tiny blur of yellow on the wood platform, directly in front of me. I looked closer and saw that it was, in fact, the body of a dead bumblebee (see post). No, it's not a real synchronicity, but I suppose I do take it as a type of omen. The creature now rests in a small pile of gardenia petals at the bottom of a sea shell.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Parapsyche 1.01 (Repaired, 2016)

I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I
cannot explain as a fraud."

- C.G.Jung

"Someone who tells me he has the answer, I know I don't want to
sit beside on a long bus-ride."

- Brad Steiger, via the Exploring All Realms radio show


I don't know if you caught Thursday's (7/15/10) "Exploring All Realms" radio show featuring Brad Steiger but, if not, you missed a conversation with a wise, and interesting man with a rich, extensive history in the "paranormal" field. But, not to worry, If you'd like to listen now, click here for a rebroadcast. You may feel uncomfortable about some of his musings, but he is undeniably a sincere man with a rich portfolio of anomalous encounters, spiritual insight and parapsychological experience.

One subject that impressed me was a statement Steiger made about contemporary researcher's ignorance of the history of psychical research. He was particularly referring to modern "ghost hunters" relying on technological gadgets to document evidence of discarnate phenomena, and I think he had a point.

So, I've taken his advice and want to touch upon one Fortean subject that is rarely looked upon with any seriousness and that is Spiritualism and that branch of the paranormal referred to a Parapsychology, specifically its history, much of which can be absorbed from the two major organizations still in existence.

The first is the Society for Psychical Research, both its American and British branches. From the Wiki page we have: "Past and current notable members of the SPR include Henry Sidgwick, Frederick Myers, Alfred Russel Wallace, W.B.Yeats, C.G.Jung, William James, Arthur Balfour, Archie Roy, Richard Wiseman, Susan Blackmore, Dean Radin, Alastair Sim, Peter Underwood and Charles Tart. In 1893, the year that Arthur Balfour was president of the SPR the writer Arthur Conan Doyle joined the society."

The second organization is The Parapsychology Foundation, founded in 1951 by Eileen Garrett, a woman specifically noted by Steiger during the radio show.

"I have a gift, a capacity - a delusion, if you will - which is called 'psychic'. I do not care what it may be called, for living with and utilizing this psychic capacity long ago inured me to a variety of epithets - ranging from expressions almost of reverence, through doubt and pity, to open vituperation. In short, I have been called many things, from a charlatan to a miracle woman. I am, at least, neither of these."

- Eileen Garret, via this page.

Eileen Garret was known to channel certain male entities, but had reservations about their actual source, which reminds me of another woman and another entity from a more recent past, namely Jane Roberts and Seth. I very often get the impression that modern physicists were secretly inspired by many of Roberts' (via Seth's) remarks. I happened to come upon a video featuring Roberts speaking as Seth, found here. This video actually brought tears to my eyes, but not for any reason you might suspect. I could expound here with my own personal feminist rant about females who "channel" primarily male entities... but I won't! :-)


Another name mentioned by Steiger during the course of the show was, perhaps, the most famous ghost hunter of them all, Hans Holzer. From an online interview with Holzer by Merryn Jose, Holzer's statement here somewhat echoes Steiger's disillusionment with contemporary spirit investigations:

"There are many well meaning young people who like to do ghost hunting, my advice is simple. Find yourself a good, proven, deep trance medium and work with them. Because all the apparatus that you bring to find cold spots and all this nonsense about electronic this and electronic that is a waste of time and lack of academic knowledge."

Grant and Jason (TAPS), from the SyFy network's "Ghost Hunters", take note! Your show has become a bore - who can blame the ghosts for avoiding you?!

Below, Hans Holzer briefly introduces his discussion on Hollywood vs. Amityville.

(2016 update: The video that originally appeared here was disappeared, so, I've replaced it with 2 parts of a 1970s television series - "In Search of..." -  Holzer appeared in... Leonard Nimoy, the narrator, appears at the end.)


Lastly, I bring you "Jott". And what is that, you ask? Well, below is a description taken from a SPR page, entitled "Report Your Experience".

"Jott is our collective word for incidents often dismissed as Just One of Those Things – typically your computer glasses, which live on the desk, vanish; you find them, eventually, in the kitchen drawer, though you are sure you did not put them there. Or perhaps after diligent search you find them sitting where they ought to have been all the time. Or, if you are really unlucky, you never see them again. You may even find another pair of spectacles near by, very similar to yours but not quite the same. Incidents of this sort are known as jottles, and if you have had a jottle please let us know about it.

Jott may look trivial, but a small hole in a large balloon can cause a total collapse, and a discontinuity in the fabric of the environment may lead us to radical ideas about the nature of reality. We already have a substantial body of reports, but to get a clearer idea of the circumstances in which jott occurs, and the meaning to be ascribed to these ‘slips’ in spatial continuity, we need more material. If jotts happen to you, please let us know."

I'm afraid my whole life can be categorized as "jott"!

...but this post wouldn't be complete without a contrasting reference, and so, once again, I call on Robert Anton Wilson, our veritable sage...

(2016 note: My goal was to replace the Holzer video... unfortunately, going back into old posts is almost impossible now as the blogger hotmail codes have been drastically changed in the interim. Ultimately, this entailed re-uploading the entire post! I don't know that I will be up for this again regarding other old posts in the future... but, well, it's done. As it stands, I was not able to repair the links to the Steiger podcast, which seems to have vanished.)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mac in the Meme-field and a Dream from the Vault (Updated 6/14)

(click to enlarge)

It's a rainy day in CT but, happily, no funnel clouds are emerging nearby as they were the other day. The perfect day to muse and dream... and remember. In my web travels, I note that two others have "memories" in mind and, in both cases, they regard Mac Tonnies.

The first is found on Paul Kimball's The Other Side of Truth, in which he has a clip of the Radio Misterioso show in which he and the other Cabal members discuss Mac's loss and their friendship.

Over at Intangible Materiality, Bruce Duensing has posted an article, A Theory Of Cetacean Aliens - In Memory of Mac Tonnies and Ivan Sanderson's Work, which gives a different, and most intriguing spin on the indigenous "alien" thought experiment, especially in regards to ultrasound and its effect on the brain.

What particularly struck me is Bruce's correlations of bird song to dolphin communication and psi. He specifically mentions an enigmatic "clicking sound" and I quote:

"Originally I had assumed what I heard outside my window (Summer of 2002) in the first instance (which I was to frightened to confront) was a strange form of bird call, which also incorporated a clicking sound which further disassociated me as to identifying it, however these rather weird "calls" resembled no bird I could possibly think of. When you hear these ultrasonic dolphin calls as recorded below, you will have probably the same reaction as I did when exposed to them, in that many of them sound, oddly enough like birds."

Now, this immediately rang a bell for me, so back to the "vault" I went, and I dug up this old Shadowbride article I'd posted in 2001 - the record of 1996 journal entry of mine - and one I had posted privately for Mac on Araqinta's Gallery of Transmutations under the title of "Timothy Leary Lives" - Altered States: A Holovision:

"Writing to report a weird experience I had early this morning. It was around dawn and I'd just woken up from some odd dream starring a Timothy Leary sort of older man... In it, he and I were driving at night down some long "lonesome" road on some featureless, midwestern landscape... thing is, we were driving the wrong way on a one-way highway and we were doing so deliberately.

Scene switches and I am visiting some strange man and his wife who own a nightclub, but are giving me a tour of the house which the man had built. In any event, the man began discussing my health... apparently I was not feeling well. He asked me if I had ever "fallen"... I admitted I had due to "loss of balance". I was wondering in a lucid way about the significance of this when I awoke.

It was dawn and as I lay there listening to the birds w/ my eyes shut I began to see a weird pattern emerging from the darkness... an almost graphic pattern similar to computer graphics... It looked like chopped meat being criss-crossed by a rapidly moving concentric ring pattern... similar to my cyclocentric* patterns but more intricate. From this emerged what seemed like another darker dimension - again filled with cyclocentric patterns but these were made of various colors of light... and some were large and whirlpooling while smaller brighter patterns emerged... all of them moving and vibrant and living and all of them revolving and forming harmonics by which even tinier glowing patterns emerged. It was as if I was delving into a series of many dimensions... but I could only glance at certain aspects (of the patterns) for milliseconds at a time (as they were) far too complex and enmeshed for human resolution...

...In the beginning I found myself entranced, but it finally became frightening because I was awake, and when I opened my eyes I continued to see the patterns. I thought I might be going mad...that my work with the cyclocentric patterns had triggered some variety of psychedelic experience... Just then, a thrush began to sing outside my window, I willed myself to concentrate on its song which, incidentally, is my favorite birdsong. When listened to closely, however, it is very much like a broken symmetrical pattern... unfinished in some way... as if some of it was beyond the human range of hearing. I hadn't noticed it before but there's this series of clicks at the end of some notes that sound like static - as if, had you slowed them down - they might sound quite different. So, in a sense, I traded one pattern experience for another and was thereby able to stop the visual patterns from firing..."

(Note: Later that day, May 31, 1996, I was to discover Timothy Leary had, in fact, died at 12 am, on the west coast... a matter of several hours before my dream. I hadn't  given Leary much thought up till then. As it was, he was a fascinating man who led an extraordinary life. He also corresponded with Arthur Koestler, author of The Ghost in the Machine, which was a source of inspiration to me at the time I wrote the cyclocentric material. Go to

Okay, I'm not saying that all this means anything. It's Friday. Just a thought experiment...

P.S. I think I'm going to dig up one of my old dolphin drawings and scan it in for this post. Actually, speaking of dolphins, and maybe it's just my artist's imagination, but, didn't Mac kind of look like one, in a way?

You'll recognize the end of this video as being related to the Robert Anton Wilson video I posted not too long ago, but Wilson's thoughts on Leary are relevant to my other recent posts, so I felt this video's inclusion here was necessary.

* "Cyclocentric" is a word I used to describe geometrical work of mine relating to the polyhedra (and/or cyclohedra) described here.)


Update (June, 2014): The cyber-trolls pulled the video that was originally posted here, but, I've replaced it. In the event the video is pulled again, allow me to redirect you to related YouTube offerings located here and here.

One last note... for those of you unfamiliar with a wood thrush's song, hear several variations here.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mac on Psi-Tech

"I think that just as we can create a machine to
augment human strength, we might be able to use
technology to augment latent psi potential."

- Mac Tonnies, via email 12/28/06

"I'm assuming they presuppose there's no "real"
telepathy, so you're right -- "synthetic telepathy" is

- Mac Tonnies, via email 5/1/07

Mac Tonnies, admittedly a transhumanist, and I, admittedly on the fence at all times, frequently came to an impasse in our email discussions having to do with human consciousness. He would insist that a full-blown artificial intelligence was on the immediate scientific horizon, and I would insist that there could be no AI without a complete understanding of human intelligence - that is, the unknown properties, if you will, of consciousness, a "concept" not even accepted by the empircal hard-liners... let alone such "fringe topics" as psi.

That being said, parapsychology is alive and well, and there are many knowledgeable, accredited individuals willing to "go there". And yes, there are institutions and universities which take psi and the study of consciousness quite seriously. I'm going to list some of these institutions below... a more complete listing can be found on this Parapsychological Association page.

101 San Antonio Road
Petaluma, CA 94952
Fax (707) 781-7420
General Inquiries (707) 775-3500

Department of Psychology
University of Edinburgh
7 George Square
Edinburgh EH8 9JZ
+44 (0) 131 650 3348

C-131, Engineering Quadrangle
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544
(609) 258-5950

2741 Campus Walk Avenue, Building 500
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 688-8241
Fax: (919) 683-4338

Note on image (above): I'm afraid I have no information as to the identity of the artist whose phenomenal work this is. If someone can illuminate me I would be much gratified, as I wish to learn more about the artist and post a link to his or her work here. I found the image while Googling "consciousness". As the blogger who used this image didn't bother informing anyone where the image was sourced, neither will I. Incidentally, you will find many interesting blogs devoted to consciousness from the Google image pages... But, I note that many of these do not give credit to the artist who created the graphics they use. Obviously, as an artist, I am appalled by this practice. Art is treated as such a cheap commodity on the internet, that artists should definitely reconsider putting their work in the public domain without highly visible notices of origin, as I do, despite the unfortunate effect it may have upon the image when viewed.


Update! Mark Plattner has come to the rescue with his Tin Eye and located the artist online. Her name is Mirjam Laater and her site can be found here. The digital image I've posted is entitled "Self-Consciousness", a print of which can be purchased here. Thanks, Mark!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dr. Kaku's Universe

"Dr. Kaku's Universe is written by Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist at C.U.N.Y. and a popular radio host and television personality. The blog explores paradoxical and counterintuitive oddities of the physical world, including string theory, time travel, parallel universes, and black holes."

For those interested, Michio Kaku blogs at Dr. Kaku's Universe on Big Think.

His latest post? If I Were Obama: Four Things I'd Have Done Differently After Hearing About BP's Oil Spill.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rich Dolan on the Paracast

Paul Kimball is back with an informative post about this Sunday's Paracast with himself, Rich Dolan, Nick Redfern, and Gene Steinberg. Sounds like a great show!

In Memory of Bumblebees

It was a beautiful summer day in Connecticut today. I sat out in the sun for a short while listening to the cicadas buzz like a multitude of miniature power saws... with a distinct on and off switch. One minute they're all on, and the next minute they're all abruptly off. I can't fathom their language but I wish I could.

I used to catch grasshoppers as a child... in big jars that had a constellation of holes punched in the lid. Without exception they would die if I didn't let them loose. But, I haven't seen a grasshopper in years and years.

I used to raise Monarch butterflies as an adult. But, even after they flew off into the sunset, and even after the few milkweeds I had planted in the yard eventually died-off from lack of sunlight (due to the encroaching trees), and even years later, I would still see one or two Monarchs drift around the yard on occasion, as if they somehow knew that a friend to Monarchs was near.

I don't see them anymore.

I notice there are no mosquitoes this year. And around here, this is very rare. But then, I believe the powers-that-be in Connecticut made a special point of killing them off due to West Nile disease paranoia a year or two ago. So, no mosquitoes; but I really can't say I miss them.

But something else is missing from this summer: bumblebees. They still buzzed around last year, though the honey bees were gone. Now they're gone, too. At least I haven't seen any this year. It's weird, but I made a point of scanning a dead one (I had found in the window) into this computer just before the summer ended in 2009. I don't know why... perhaps, somehow I knew it might be the last one I ever saw.

I hope they all come back one day - even mosquitoes. It really isn't summer without bugs.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Franz Kafka Meets Oscar Meyer

Dana Tonnies was rummaging around in her vault recently, and unearthed this gem she allowed me to share with you. It's a short story Mac Tonnies wrote in 9th grade - as hilarious as it is ironic - and is, as follows:

"The Human Hotdog
Mac Tonnies

I screamed as the huge. yellow plastic mustard container came near, its rigid nozzle dripping with globs of its gelatinous, slimy contents. Frantically, I leaped to the side just as a glistening beam of rancid mustard splashed onto the tile floor next to me. With a mild rush of air, the ominous bottle whizzed over my head, Its shiny surface coated with a sickening, powdery crust of dried mustard. A whine-like noise pierced the silence as a second stream of mustard escaped the container, but this one made contact. I winced when I realized I was smothered in the putrid, yellow gel. Its pungent, spicy odor made me feel light headed, but I continued my struggle. I watched disgustedly as, the flying bottle soared overhead like some sinister aircraft, the word "French's" gleaming from behind the layer of flaking mustard. I realized with a wave of sickish fear that I was being transformed into a human hotdog...

I dove out of the way as a deluge of chunky, mucous-like relish poured from the ceiling and splattered over my head. I spit an unnatural large pickle chunk out of my mouth and continued stumbling around, only to be confronted by a towering "Heinz" ketchup bottle.

All hope and resistance drained out of me, and I let the mammoth bottle clump its watery. bubbly contents over me. Weak and exhausted, I collapsed on the floor, an oozing mass of red ketchup flowing over my back. I noticed with a faint shudder that my body had grown cylindrical and rubbery. My skin had turned somewhat elastic and leathery, and my limbs had begun dissolving back into my body. Without question, I knew what was happening. I was undergoing a strange genetic metamorphosis. I was becoming a hotdog! I staggered to my feet, droplets of quivering ketchup and mustard dripping off my body as I began a hazardous, aimless journey into fear.

My entire anatomy numb and leathery, I crawled across the tile floor. My brain felt heavy and liquid-like. My eyesight was declining. My facial features were diffusing into hotdog-like simplicity. As my mind drifted away into unconsciousness, I was only vaguely aware of the two huge, sponge-like buns that whirled into view and constricted me into a perfectly tube-shaped slab of meat.

The transformation was complete. I am now a human hotdog."

And, there you have it, folks. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I suppose it's no wonder Mac eventually became a vegetarian!

Many thanks to Dana Tonnies!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Whitley Strieber Interviews Mike Clelland

"Mac Tonnies was one of the fastest rising young investigators of the paranormal and the UFO phenomenon before his untimely death of natural causes at the age of 34. His last book, the Cryptoterrestrials, asks the question: what if the "aliens" are actually from here? How would that work? What's the evidence?

Mac's close associate Mike Clelland is interviewed by Whitley Strieber about this provocative idea and Mac's fascinating new book."

- The Unknown Country , This Week on Dreamland

Mike Clelland, who created the interior illustrations for Mac Tonnies' last book, talks about Mac and the Cryptoterrestrials on Dreamland. Listen now by clicking the link in the upper right-hand corner of the Dreamland page (link provided above). I also note on the sidebar of the page:

"Mac Tonnies was a remarkable investigator, and his untimely death of natural causes at the age of 34 was a great loss for the community of people struggling to find focus and meaning at the edge of reality. We add to our permanent subscriber archive a truly fascinating and important group of clips from Mac's various radio appearances."

I don't seem to have the right plug-in to listen to the show, and I can't say for certain whether of not the radio-show clips mentioned contain ones not posted on this blog's sidebar, but it all sounds interesting. More info can be found on Mike Clelland's blog.

Rucker: From Cyberpunk to Psipunk

"Nowadays I’m dreaming of getting rid of computers. What are the ideas that I’m using for this? And what tech might this lead to?

I got started by thinking about what comes after the vaunted computational singularity that we may be approaching. I think most thinkers get it absolutely wrong. They think we’re heading towards an ever more digital world. I believe that the opposite is the case. Chip-based digital machines will son go the way of horse-drawn carriages, steam engines, and wrist-watches made of gears."

Mac would've loved this! Hat-tip to The Daily Grail.

The "Stealth" Dragonfly

One finds interesting memes in the most unexpected places... In this case, the somewhat disappointing sequel to Susan Hubbard's wonderful "The Society of S" (vampire fiction verging on literature, and not to be confused with... uh, the recent spate), "The Year of Disappearances".

In the story, our young, vampire heroine, Ari, is musing about a dragonfly and its "motion camouflage". As I am fascinated with insects, I Googled it. The Wiki entry is, apparently, a stub of a military camouflage-related article, which also cites "active camouflage", and I quote:

"The active camouflage suit by name is credited to science fiction author Philip K. Dick in his 1974 novel A Scanner Darkly. Worn by the narcotics double agent Bob Arctor/Fred, the "scramble suit" is described as a flexible sheath covering the body of the wearer with a reflective/refractive coating on the inside surface that transfers the camouflaging pattern — projected by a holographic lens mounted on the wearer's head — onto the outside surface of the sheath."

For a more concise explanation of motion camouflage, however, I turned to an article in Plus, an online mathematics magazine, entitled: "They Never Saw It Coming" by Lewis Dartnell:

"The word "stealth" is often associated with high-tech bombers built to be invisible to enemy radar. This technology works through the aircraft's surface being specially designed and having a covering of radar-absorbent skin that ensures minimal radio waves are reflected back to the enemy radar transmitter.

There is another kind of stealth, however, that does not rely on hiding the presence of an object, but on masking the fact that it is moving. If the pursuer approaches along a particular trajectory it appears to remain perfectly stationary from the point of view of the target. The pursuer can use this "motion camouflage" to rush right up to the target before it is perceived as a threat. This technique could be used by missiles to remain undetected for as long as possible, and even appears to have been discovered by nature. There is good evidence that hoverflies and dragonflies have evolved this strategy to fly without being detected."

More can be found here... And, for the mathematics behind motion camouflage try here.

But, no, motion camouflage is not the technology which informs the latest attempts at creating "invisibility cloaks", which depend, instead, upon the refractive surface of specific metamaterials.

New: This just found; an invisible hotel for your next vacation... mega-cool!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Mystery of the Moller 300

"THE PERSONAL AIRCRAFT - it's a little noisy, but it does fit in your garage. The Merlin 200 (above), which has recently been rechristened the Moller 300 (for its inventor, Paul S. Moller), is just about ready for takeoff after nearly $20 million worth of on-again off-again research. Mr. Moller, who is president of Moller International, a research and development company in Davis, Galif., has been experimenting with designs for VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft since the early 1960's. "Eventually," Mr. Moller says, "I think a large part of the population will own a vehicle like this. We're aiming it for consumer use. It was my objective in the beginning and it still is."

A descendant of the M200X Aerobot, a flying-saucerish thing that was designed and built to demonstrate the capability of the rotary engine that powers a vertical takeoff, the aerodynamically-shaped Moller 300 features six horizontally mounted engines that can redirect thrust for takeoff and landing. To be test-flown next spring, it will fly, Mr. Moller says, up to 400 miles per hour, though most economically at 225:"There shouldn't be much question about it. The technology has been tested. Every component of the vehide has been tested, and to this point it has all functioned satisfactorily."

Next year, Moller International will build a limited number of the craft for government certification processes and possible military applications. In the future, provided it can manufacture 1,500 a year, the company hopes to sell them for between $100,000 and $150,000 apiece. "It's simple enough to fly and can land in a compact area," Mr. Moller says. "It's not quite quiet enough to be used in residential areas, though it can be driven into residential areas. Officially, it's classified as a motorcycle."

- BRUCE WEBER, New York Times Magazine, October 16. 1988

(Note: click on photo for larger view)


Rummaging around in my meatspace files the other day, I came across this old newspaper article entitled "Fly Me to the Mall". The vehicle in the photograph was so cool (and note the various model aircraft on the wall), I was a little saddened to realize that, obviously, neither it nor I would be airborne any time too soon. I was also mystified - as in, so what happened to it? Doing a little web research I came across all sorts of interesting tidbits that I'll share with you here.

First off, there's Moller's website, which seems to have had all mention of the Moller 300 removed, though apparently Moller International is alive and well and still churning out "Skycars".

Secondly, supposedly, despite 40 years of R&D, the most recent prototype never really was able to hover more than 15 feet off the ground. For his information, plus a few photo's of Moller's "Disojet" (pictured below), similar to the afore-mentioned "Aeorobot", see here. Which begs for the question: just where has all Moller's R&D been taking place, i.e., misidentified any lately?

Then I found a montage of some groovy Moller-related videos here, one featuring our favorite flavor of any month, Michio Kaku!

And, lo & behold, there are a number of privately designed vehicles in the Jetson genre. See the links here.

But, we're not stopping yet. Get a load of this quote: “'People look at this and say Star Wars, but they've been building these since the 1950s,' Gibson said."... and then, head on over to this page.

Lastly, here's an online document: A formal claim of fraud against Moller International from the SEC web site.

Many more links can be found on Wiki under Moller Skycar M400.

Case solved?

And, for all you middle-aged geeks out there - a demographic which includes myself - here's a bit of nostalgia...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meme Dispersal

There's a couple of things over at UFO Mystic, you might want to check out.

Leslie Gunter has posted a video of an anomalous sky phenomenon over China which is as unusual as it is beautiful.

Also, Nick Redfern has posted notice of his new radio show, Exploring All Realms, hosted by himself and Raven Meindel which starts tonight, at 9pm EST. First up, an interview with Brad Steiger. Regardless of your views on Brad Steiger, I say be there, or be a bore. For future shows, I've posted a permanent link on the side-bar of this blog.

Lastly, over at the irrepressible Boing Boing, David Pescovitz has posted an interesting article, Retrying 17th century Alchemy that should concern us here. Alchemy is yet another misunderstood "paranormal" art which has a rich history, and a number of implications that the mechanistic science regime has always been at great pains to refute.

Mac on a "Psychic Internet"

"Re. Swann's thesis: I tend to agree that there's a
common "psychic" component. I've wondered if the
"aliens" make up for their apparent lack of physical
communications infrastructure (broadcast towers, etc.)
by relying on a kind of "psychic Internet" that we're
unable to hack."

- Mac Tonnies, via email 5/14/07

I've long held the opinion that the "collective unconscious" is a type of psychic internet, with all the related implications one might deduce. If anything, what we refer to as cyber-space is merely a rudimentary, materialistic expression of what's occurring at all times - and in a vastly more complex form - within the (possibly bio-electro-physical) "aether"... and is, because of our lack of understanding, beyond our control.

Mac vs. the Mechanistic UFO Paradigm

"I personally think telepathy and so-called "psychic"
events play a big role within a ufological context --
but a lot of ufologists, eager to play the role of
empirical investigators, don't especially relish the
implications of that one."

- Mac Tonnies - 10/5/06

Mac on "Entanglement"

"Maybe. Remember that the brain is a quantum system.
Perhaps it's subject to "entanglement," in which case
EM saturation could actually be hastening a new,
cybernetic version of the collected unconscious:
'Gaia 2.0.'"

- Mac Tonnies, 5/11/06

Time for Mac to put in a few words, and time for me to give my CTS-afflicted hands a break!