Monday, July 26, 2010

Gone Fishing

I've been telling myself for weeks, "Yo, Dia, meat-space is seriously awry!" But, compulsively, I blogged away, procrastinating, in my usual way, till disaster was imminent, but not before. In any event, I think it's just about exactly that time for me to hang up my "Gone Fishing" sign, and deal with matters at hand.

I wanted to post a photo of Mac, and I had a different one in mind, but, lo and behold, upon examining Mac's Flickr pages I was creeped-out to find that his collection had diminished to 163 shots. I finally learned that this is what becomes of a "Pro" account; down-sized when one is no longer a paying customer. I don't know if this is the case with his YouTube playlist, but it, too, has been diminished and altered.

Happily, I did have some shots that Mac emailed to me. The one above, however, had become detached from its original mail, so I don't know the exact date it was taken (we can assume it was around the Christmas season of 2007 or 2008). He may have featured it on PHB as well, though... With some sort of funny reference to that "orb" in the photo. I figure the orb has something to do with his flash reflected in the window behind him, but it is strange that it appears to be in front of his face.

I dreamt about Mac the other night. He was alive and well in the dream, and we were about to take a walk to a local liquor store. In reality, Mac didn't drink, except for the occasional beer, so, maybe that was the game-plan. In any event, I was still futzing around and I let him go on ahead. Unfortunately, when I tried to catch up with him a few minutes later, I found myself stuck in this weird sort of steam-punk miniature golf course! What a metaphor!

In any case, I'm long over-due for a break... so, Do What Thou Wilt, and so will I - but, most especially, enjoy the rest of your summer!

Added Note: I just finished wrapping this post up, and tinkering with the sidebar, when I looked out the deck door and saw what looked like a tiny blur of yellow on the wood platform, directly in front of me. I looked closer and saw that it was, in fact, the body of a dead bumblebee (see post). No, it's not a real synchronicity, but I suppose I do take it as a type of omen. The creature now rests in a small pile of gardenia petals at the bottom of a sea shell.


  1. Take a well-deserved break, but keep up the great work! :-)

  2. How wonderful that our loved ones who have passed come to the dreamworld alive and well- It is encouraging- my late husband and our beloved wolfdog visited me briefly just to say hi, and it was so nice to see that he was not sick any more. Sort of disorienting when you wake up ,but nice just the same. Enjoy your fishing trip-maybe you will see a mermaid !

  3. Thanks, Paul...
    And, thanks, Kay... but, actually, I see mermaids all the time - I am one.