Monday, May 21, 2012

Tears in Rain - the blog

“Is it possible that some of the ‘places’ I routinely visit in my dreams are, in some way, actual locations? Sometimes I experience an overwhelming nostalgia for places I’ve never been. Not all of these places seem entirely Earth-like; nevertheless they can seem suffocatingly familiar. On one hand, these bizarre locales could be electrochemically derived; on the other, they could represent something beyond our ability to properly define. Nodes on some cosmic Internet?”

 – Mac Tonnies, 2004, found here

Photo: Mac Tonnies, 2008

Paul Kimball is blogging again, and has posted some great "Macthoughts" on his latest blog Tears in Rain. The one above reminded me of a conversation Mac and I had about dream locations, and one I had forgotten about. So, thanks for reminding me, Paul!

Meanwhile, he's also just posted a great "Macthought" regarding technology and dug up a Kraftwerk tune you'd might like to hear again. The tune was written just over 30 years ago, but it may as well have been written today.


  1. Ah....Kraftwerk and dream places -- interesting to travel by, in a sense.

    I have several locales I have trod in dreams ...until they are as almost familiar to me as my own home, yet....just out of reach. I LIKE the idea of each of these begin some node on a cosmic internet/subway.

    Good post.

  2. I haven't visited any of my reoccurring dream locations in quite some time... generally, a city or two, and several Escheresque buildings, but, it's interesting to imagine that perhaps many of us are creating places that exist only in our unconscious minds...

    Maps of the psyche superimposed over maps of the "official" world... so, where are our psychic cartographers? ;-)

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    1. My pleasure. I'm always happy to report mention of Mac on the web... and you're posting some great quotes!

  4. I was a reader and poster on the Cyndonian imperitive, and Mac mentioned some of my predictions oabout the shape of the D&M pyramid based on the low res images that proved true when the high res images were published. I've been having some vivid dreams recently that have caused me to deeply introspect my views on the subjective nature of how we experience reality. It is timely and odd that you would post this now, and I would read it today. I just published a blog account of my most recent dream at - I didn't tie it together with some of my more metaphysical musings about the nature of these dreams, but they are not unlike the concept that Mac suggests here.

    1. Thanks for your input!
      Read your dream account - wow! I'll say you're having some tremendously vivid dreams... Dreams are so very tricksy though... but some of them certainly do feel as if the intricate details remembered must exist in some substantial form... which certainly seems like this would be the case in the dream you recently had...
      I guess the mystery posed by dreams of this nature is what kind of "substance" are we referring to... and why is it so palpable in an unconscious state.. and how does this relate to what we perceive as consensual reality? Boggles the mind.
      I mention one dream I had - on this blog - involving Mac and Mars that might amuse you, if you haven't seen it already... found here:

  5. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.