Friday, December 23, 2016

A Blue Christmas

Christmas tree by Dana and Bob Tonnies, 2016.

Remember 2013? No, of course you don't. Humans tend to blot out bad memories, while frantically looking forward the Next Best Thing. Which, I suppose, is what inspired me to create my (delusional) January, 2016 post:  A New Year. Optimism is a dish best served before the main course. Because, as we know, as loathsome of year 2013 may have been, 2016 was a proverbial downward spiral... beginning with the death of David Bowie (a bad omen to be sure) , and ending with the American election of the Scary Orange Man Who Would be King (where's George Carlin when we really need him?)... not to mention all the other deaths, murder and mayhem that occurred in-between. No, it was not a good year.

And, as for 2017? Don't worry, kats and kitties, I'm not even going to discuss it. Instead I decided to ring out this old year the same way I did for the Xmas of 2013, because, once again, Dana Tonnies came to my rescue and supplied me with a lovely photo: her Blue Christmas tree.

And, I decided to post videos related to Mac's favorite old band, Simon and Garfunkel, on the sidebar*... because "blue" isn't ever really bad... sad, maybe... but not bad... and, as in the case of Dana and Bob's tree, quite pretty.

So, I guess it's time for a holiday, everyone... and, once again, Bob, Dana, (Mac) and I wish you the very best.

* Unfortunately, it looks like YouTube has now begun corrupting even the tiniest of  embedded videos with commercial content. There might be a way around this... if not, well, it so turns me off I may just stop posting videos.


And in "other news": There were a number of things I meant to post here this year, but, for whatever reason, was unable to... so, I'll post a few links here for your amusement:

Oh, and before I forget (again),  earlier this month I had a very long, strange, lucid dream featuring Bruce Duensing. The thing is, I never met Bruce in person, but he seemed quite corporeal in the dream. And, whether or not it means anything (and, although I remember little else), he was alive, well, happy, and writing a new book!