Sunday, May 15, 2016

"Twinkle, twinkle, artificial star...

Twilight in the Land of Enchantment (outside my back door). 2016, DS
(Click to enlarge.)

... how I wonder what you are.
Wandering the sky so high,
Like a drone or dragonfly..."

No, that's not the real nursery song... but, it may as well be the 21st Century version. Not just my version, thank you; apparently others are seeing a similar phenomenon, too. Which is why I've decided to write a separate post about my "red star" sightings, as opposed to continuing my report in the body of my last post (as originally planned).


"Discerning UFO researchers have noted the failure of "nuts and bolts" hypotheses to adequately address the weirdness that accompanies so many UFO-related events, calling the conventional interpretation of UFOs as spacecraft into serious question. Sizing up the phenomenon from the early 21st century, it would seem that visiting ETs could do a much better job at concealing their presence if they truly desired. Far from constituting a paradox, this begs us to reconsider the motives of a truly alien intelligence, even is that means casting away much of the ufological conventional wisdom (to say nothing of SETI dogma) in the process."
- Mac Tonnies via the 2009 Posthuman Blues post UFOs: Why no "open contact"?


I wish Mac were here. No, I mean, I really, really wish Mac was here... especially a few days ago, when I had a regular "red star" flap in the skies outside my back door. Not that anyone would notice it was a "flap". In fact, I bet anyone seeing them wouldn't remark on them at all. They'd just assume that some of the stars looked particularly "sparkly" in the sky that night. That is unless, after hours had passed, they happened to notice one or more of the "stars" suddenly fly away in their strange, slow, silent, meandering way... very similar to the two this Canadian guy videotaped (below the jump).