Saturday, November 27, 2010

Paranormal Missouri

This just in: Capn Marrrrk has informed me that he was in Borders the other night, thumbing thru Missouri paranormalist Jason Offutt's recent book, Paranormal Missouri - Show Me Your Monsters, when he found that there's a chapter devoted to Mac Tonnies! (Thanks, Mark!)

Also: Offutt features a short 2007 interview with Mac on his blog found here, where Mac discusses his budding Crypto hypothesis.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mac by Drano

Have just discovered the most amazing "rogue's gallery" of ufologist caricatures by an artist named Dennis Rano (aka Drano). Above is his interpretation of our favorite Macbot. I don't know how flattering Mac (the "chick magnet") would find this cartoon, but he'd absolutely get a huge kick out of its inclusion (albeit posthumously) alongside his peers. Y'all really have to check out Drano's online gallery. He features original caricatures of almost 200 paranormal notables, up to an including Mac's pals, Paul Kimball, Greg Bishop and Nick Redfern. Check out the list, and enjoy!

(Hat tip to Regan Lee @ The Orange Orb!)