Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mac by Drano

Have just discovered the most amazing "rogue's gallery" of ufologist caricatures by an artist named Dennis Rano (aka Drano). Above is his interpretation of our favorite Macbot. I don't know how flattering Mac (the "chick magnet") would find this cartoon, but he'd absolutely get a huge kick out of its inclusion (albeit posthumously) alongside his peers. Y'all really have to check out Drano's online gallery. He features original caricatures of almost 200 paranormal notables, up to an including Mac's pals, Paul Kimball, Greg Bishop and Nick Redfern. Check out the list, and enjoy!

(Hat tip to Regan Lee @ The Orange Orb!)


  1. I met Mac once while he was doing his barista boy routine. He confided in me that he would soon return to his home planet where they monitor Earth. In doing so he would discard his human shell and become the energy beings that he talks about in his book[sic] the cryptoterrestrials. He said he shaved his head to begin the process of transmutation. It had something to do with hairs not being transferred. I just thought you would like to know something personal about Mac and his relationship to your world. I also do not come from Earth either. We are distant Pleidians that arrive in beam ships. We only stay on this planet a number of years to complete our education. Mac was allowed to stay longer because of his Posthuman blues blog site. We felt that this site would be a useful reeducation of your kind into the type of thinking that is needed to stop the destruction of your world.

  2. Well, Anonymous, I would *almost* buy this, except for one flaw in your imaginative story... that is, Mac's hypothesized cryptoterrestrials are not "energy beings", but corporeal entities... (nervous yet?)

    In any event, my Lyran affiliates have warned me about Pleiadian posers, such as yourself, so I don't believe you for a millisecond.


  3. Mac was a friend of mine. We lost touch. As a microbiologist we had a lot of disagreements about science fact and science fiction over the years. Hence, I can't say I kept up with his sites or blogs. I just found out about his death today. I feel an extreme emptiness knowing he's no longer here and guilt for not being around to know.

    In high school, Mac and I bonded over our love of ping pong, REM, and hermit crabs. A typical Saturday night for us was watching a David Lynch movie and listening to music while talking about "this life". Obviously we were not normal kids but never tried to be either. I was always the music geek so I would play tapes for him to try to turn him on to different bands (I'd like to think I'm partially responsible for the REM). I had a crush on him. I'd never met anyone like him in my life up to that point (or anyone since for that matter). I was his first kiss (which to him I think was just a curiousity. To me he seemed to be above that sort of thing).

    In college we made a roadtrip to Lawrence, KS. There was a symposium on the art of William S. Burroughs. Burroughs, 90+, near death, showed up. Mac asked him a question about his favorite gun. Allen Ginsberg was there too. He tried to get his copy of "Howl" signed but Ginsberg blew us off saying he had to use the toilet. This is probably one of my greatest memories of all time.

    From what I've read today it seems a lot of people knew Mac through the internet but not as a human, in the flesh, face to face. I'd like to say as someone who knew him from the opposite perspective he was a kind, beautiful, awkward, yet amazing person. His perspecive on life has changed my life for the better and I will always be greatful for that.

  4. Bahaste, thank you for taking the time to post your moving comment.

    I'm sure all of us who knew Mac Tonnies in any capacity would agree that he was, indeed, "a kind, beautiful, awkward, yet amazing person"... and, further, I think we are all grateful for the effect he has had upon our lives.

    I believe that there are a number of us who personally corresponded with Mac and intended to meet him "in the flesh" eventually - sadly, neither time nor Mac waited for us. In any event, there are a number of followers of this blog who were fortunate to know Mac on a more corporeal level, and, on their behalf I thank you again for your input - it is much appreciated.

    Best to You,