Saturday, November 27, 2010

Paranormal Missouri

This just in: Capn Marrrrk has informed me that he was in Borders the other night, thumbing thru Missouri paranormalist Jason Offutt's recent book, Paranormal Missouri - Show Me Your Monsters, when he found that there's a chapter devoted to Mac Tonnies! (Thanks, Mark!)

Also: Offutt features a short 2007 interview with Mac on his blog found here, where Mac discusses his budding Crypto hypothesis.


  1. There's more to the story. I was video chatting with Isoban when he mentioned that he listened to Mysterious Universe Podcast so I listened to last weeks pod show where they were talking about Black Eye Children Encounters and Jason's website was mentioned. I went there and saw the book cover.

    Now normally I don't look at the Local Interest section when I'm at the bookstore because frankly our local interest kind of sucks, but it was there in front of me the other day while my wife was picking a gift for a friend, so I said, "Oh it's that guy's book, I guess I'll look at it." So the actual chain went Mac to Isoban to Mysterious Universe to Jason Offutt back to Mac.

  2. Thanks, babe! Cool proof that the "universe" does, indeed, move in "mysterious" ways! :-)

    I know what you mean about "local interest sections"... when I first saw the one in CT, I said to myself - "fancy that" and then proceeded to move on.

    BTW, loving this comment moderation feature, so, thanks for reminding me. It takes a tad more effort, but, experience informs us that vermin can't creep in if you plug up the holes, eh? ;-)

  3. I don't understand Macs Cryptoterrestrial hypothesis. Could you explain it in your blog.

  4. Anonymous,

    Mac describes the Crypto's best... scroll sown on this blog's sidebar to the Text Interview links and click on the Alterati interview: "They Came from Earth...?"