Monday, May 21, 2012

Tears in Rain - the blog

“Is it possible that some of the ‘places’ I routinely visit in my dreams are, in some way, actual locations? Sometimes I experience an overwhelming nostalgia for places I’ve never been. Not all of these places seem entirely Earth-like; nevertheless they can seem suffocatingly familiar. On one hand, these bizarre locales could be electrochemically derived; on the other, they could represent something beyond our ability to properly define. Nodes on some cosmic Internet?”

 – Mac Tonnies, 2004, found here

Photo: Mac Tonnies, 2008

Paul Kimball is blogging again, and has posted some great "Macthoughts" on his latest blog Tears in Rain. The one above reminded me of a conversation Mac and I had about dream locations, and one I had forgotten about. So, thanks for reminding me, Paul!

Meanwhile, he's also just posted a great "Macthought" regarding technology and dug up a Kraftwerk tune you'd might like to hear again. The tune was written just over 30 years ago, but it may as well have been written today.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Triptych #15 - Update

Apparently, I spoke too soon...


Never underestimate the prowess of the "evil spammers".

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Triptych #15

I payed a visit to Triptych #15 the other day, expecting to see, perhaps, no more than an increase in number of the "sucker vines of spam", but was pleasantly surprised. Apparently, due to whatever tweaking Google has recently employed regarding blog comments, it seems that the spammers have been in some way confounded and temporarily, at least, are leaving Posthuman Blues alone. I am strangely relieved by this. Finding spam on Mac's last post was comparable to finding dog shit on a loved one's burial plot.

Speaking of which, I also stopped by Pink Tentacle to see if Mac's favorite cephalopod resurfaced. The news is bad. The comment section of the Tentacle's last post is distressingly familiar... but, unlike the case of Triptych #15, no one is coming forward to clarify the issue. I really hope someone does soon...

In other news, Mike Clelland - no, I didn't forget you, Mike - has recently created a new site devoted to those "Tubular Belles" Mac was so fond of (see this PMB post). He has a nice dedication page, found here.

Lastly, the image above - Tech Totem #8 - is a creation by my good pal, and loyal follower of PMB, the art shaman himself, Bob Dodson. It can be found here. His latest creation - a work in progress - is just the coolest little robot ever! Thanks, Bob!

Ah, and what do you know, it's May Day! A most blessed Beltane to you.

Till next time,