Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Top Ten Ways to Stop an Oil Spill

Let's say this one comes in at number 5... suggested by Kartott's dad over at Postreason.

Anybody got suggestions for the other 9?

BTW, there's plenty of asteroid impact videos on YouTube. I chose this one cause the Gaelic song in the background is to, uh, die for.


  1. Talk about tossing the baby out with the

  2. :-)
    Yeah, but seriously, it's kind of right up there with nuking it, no?

    Then again, here's the latest BP efforts to deal with the captured oil:
    "Oil and gas siphoned from the well will flow up the rig, where it will be sent down a boom, turned into a mist using compressed air and ignited using a burner. BP opted to burn the oil because storing it would require bringing in even more vessels to the already crowded seas above the leaking well."

    I'm afraid these freaks are going to "throw out the baby" no matter what... :-(