Saturday, June 26, 2010

Come on in, the water's fine...?

"The majority of impacts to Florida’s shoreline will likely be highly weathered, in the form of tar balls, oil sheen, tar mats or mousse – a pudding-like oil/water mixture that could be brown, rust or orange in color...
There have been no reports of Deepwater Horizon oil spill-related oil products reaching the shore beyond the Northwest Florida region. There is no indication that the rest of the state will have impacts from weathered oil products within the next 72 hours."
- Gov Monitor (Florida) article, 6/26/10

Note to self: Take a day-trip to the beach ASAP... while there still is one.
Note to all those living on the east coast: You really ain't sitting pretty, folks, no matter how far north you are. This is now two months into the Gulf oil gush and it'll continue to gush for at least 2 more months, if not more. Here's a link to track the oil's progression... the Gulf Oil Spill Tracker.
Note to Steve Colbert: Thanks, Steve, this was rather cathartic.

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