Friday, June 11, 2010

Mac on cRRReeps

"I wasn't sighing in abject disgust, just mild exasperation.
The guy who penned the "uber-geek" comment maintains several blogs devoted to
trashing UFO "personalities" he doesn't like. It's a little creepy."

- Mac Tonnies, 9/20/08
(in reference to an "RRR Group" post)

If Mac was here to defend himself, I wouldn't have to bother with this post. But when I found this "gem", I felt I needed to do a bit of research.

I can't say that I know for sure what the cliche "Resting in Peace" actually means, nor that Mac would actually desire such repose, however, I have to question the writer's true agenda when reading statements such as these:

"Mr. Tonnies was a regular guy, who drank too much coffee and engaged in bizarre musings about life and the peripheral elements that impinge on life.

He wasn’t a particularly original thinker but, rather, an accu-mulator (sic) of obtuse materials, which he re-arranged (sic) in such a way as to make new goods out of that material."

Well, if said "RRR Group" - and really, if the "group" is, indeed, a single entity, then let's assume this person is one sad little malcontent with a personality disorder - really wants Mac to "Rest in Peace" then maybe It ought to discontinue harrassing both Mac and his "self-promoting" "fellow-fringers".

I think Mac said it best in his PHB response to the "Group" post, sited earlier, by quoting Morrissey:

"You hiss and groan and you constantly moan
But you don't ever go away
That's because
All you need is me..."

Incidentally, the photo above is the one sited in this PHB post, regarding more RRR Group BS.

(Note to Nick: Admirable comment... But. let's face it, the only thing RRR Group really regrets is that It is unlikely to receive the posthumous attention It claims is our underlying goal.)

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