Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alien Worlds

"Mac Tonnies - one of the most original thinkers within the mystical and UFOlogical realms, Mac Tonnies gets verbally beaten up from time to time for daring to voice well- constructed theories that fall outside the boundaries of accepted explanations for the unusual. That's what you get for thinking outside the box, an innovative and original theorist."

- Michael Naisbitt,, 2/7/08

Sadly, "Alien Worlds" magazine folded and is no longer available, but Mac had an article in this first issue regarding Cryptoterrestrials and Transhumanism. Articles by fellow Cabal members Nick Redfern, Paul Kimball, and Greg Bishop also appeared within Alien World's pages in its all-but-too-brief run.

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  1. These magazines appear all too briefly - then fade away.

    I rememeber having a UFO magazine from the early 70s - can't recall the title - but that was my cherished possession for many years.