Friday, February 14, 2014


"That's right -- I didn't blog at all yesterday. That's because Valentine's Day is a time of mourning."

- Mac Tonnies, Posthuman Blues, February, 2007

Ah, that Mac... always a man after my own, uh, heart... appropriately, I'm wearing black for the festivities.

And, somewhat like a Failed Romantic's "hopes" for a Happy Valentine's Day, my hopes for changing the URL on PMB (anytime too soon) were dashed upon the rocky shores of reality. (Or, in this case, drowned within the virtual quagmire of depressingly undecipherable geek-speak that constitutes the Blogger "Help" section.)

So, I had this rather tantalizing "Welcome to our new home" scenario all cooked up, only to have to shift gears at the zero hour - or, more to the point, "ground zero" hour - and head for plan B. Only there wasn't a plan B.

That being said, in preparation for the memorial's move - and my extended absence - I've been busily restructuring the sidebar and closing down comment sections. As I want to keep a few comment sections open, however, this entailed going through all 300 posts, one at a time (!). Really.

(BTW, pardon that "comments are not allowed" line. It was not my choice. My choice would've been the less matriarchal: "Comment section closed.").

Meanwhile, you'll note a lot of new stuff on the sidebar. I figured out how to get tiny videos up using the HTML gadget: the first is a music video featuring Mac's last "Blip" - Byrne and Eno's "Everything that Happens" (uploaded on his last corporeal day) - and a clip of Mac's hero, George Carlin. These may be changed periodically. I've also restructured two old posts into two new areas which are open to "comments"... (though not necessarily comments directed to me). These posts, or, rather rooms, have new doors on the sidebar. If you're familiar with PMB, you've probably already found them. I'm also considering adding a third room. We'll see. As of now, the comment sections in the designated "rooms" are open, as is the comment section of this post. I will always keep the last post's comment section open... and, I'm going to assume whatever arrives there is intended for me.

Anyway, I've added some new quotes, new links, and I'm trying to get a small gallery of Aliens - those appearing elsewhere on PMB, for the most part - at the bottom of the sidebar. (Blogger is not cooperating with this last effort. The colors of my images are looking positively contaminated.)

So, you are now reading what is not the last post. This is surely progress.

And, it's Valentine's Day (heretofore known as V-Day for us fringe-dwellers) and it's snowing again... for the third time this week.

I don't know which is worse.

(Posthuman Blues "Valentines" from 2004 & 2005.)


Note: despite the fact that this post - "V-Day" - is appearing as the last post on external blog-rolls, the most recent, and actual final post is "...Then Stardust". So, if you've reached this post from an external source, consider yourself informed. :-)


  1. sidebar looks great! good work!

    can you consider including

    Eerie Radio 1/20/09

    Mac Tonnies and Artificial Intelligence


    Here's a link:

    It's also up for free in itunes (put up by Black Vault radio) for those who prefer that route

    1. Oh, cool... I'm listening to this right now - fascinating. Thanks so much! The link will be up shortly.

  2. another one:


    Kevin Randle and Mac Tonnies


  3. sorry, the above was a Paracast episode, here's two others that are Mac related:

    The Paracast - 05/25/2010

    Exploring the mystery of Earth-based UFOs
    Mike Clelland and others


    The Paracast - 04/10/2010
    Paul Kimball with Greg Bishop and Nicholas Redfern
    talking Mac and the release of The Cryptoterrestrials

    1. Yes, as I've been going through the 300 PMB posts, I've come across a few post-Mac podcasts, and considered adding a separate listing in the media section. Good idea! Will do.

  4. Sorry for blowing up the comments with these, but it's my way of making your blog collaborative. Another Mac related:

    Micah Hanks at the Gralien Report remembers Mac

    1. Actually, I can't thank you enough... it's the sort of feedback I've been waiting on for 4 years.

      Is this the same Gralien podcast I mention here?

  5. Last two for now...

    Since these are actual interviews with Mac, can you consider including them on the sidebar so they stay on the radar:

    01/16/2008 - Culture of Contact
    Aliens, Cryptos, Martians, alleged monuments on the moon and other topics

    [link not publicly available (I have this as a saved mp3, will look into whether it can be shared)]

    01/11/2007 - X-Zone
    Mac on extraterrestrial artifacts

    [link no longer available]

    1. Yes, I remember listening to the X-Zone show live, and was disappointed that I couldn't find a link for PMB.

      Re: Culture of Contact; if you can upload the mp3 somewhere that would be great. If not Blogger has a document area that I once uploaded a .pdf file to.

      Speaking of lost radio shows, I just came upon this on Posthuman Blues, about some mysterious 2004 show Mac mentions, "Beyond Strange and Mysterious." This would be cool to have because there are call-ins.

      Anyway, I really appreciate the input. My goal is the most comprehensive memorial possible and I'm immensely grateful for the help.

    2. Here's Culture of Contact... there might be somewhere better around the net to put it, but it's a start:

    3. Sorry, the link above is no good, you need to be a subscriber...

      This one will work but takes a few steps:

      1) Click 'Slow Download' (green button bottom right of screen)
      2) Close the new window the opens
      3) Uncheck the agree box
      4) Put in the captcha code and click create download link
      5) Download

    4. Thanks for the effort, but the link's too buggy. About 10 invasive pop-up windows opened up in the course of 30 seconds. I saw no "agree box".

  6. Yeah, sorry, I haven't used it before. Sorry I don't know a good place to toss it up, but I'll look into it!