Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Dreams

"Since you've got me on the subject, there was an even neater dream (?) involving a small helmeted figure in the woods. I quizzed my mom about this several years ago. She's convinced it was a dream because she doesn't know when it could have taken place; I would have had to be left alone in the woods -- but *what* woods? I have no choice but to think this was a dream that got 'misfiled.'"


"It's not so much strong as lingering. I'm betting it was a dream. Still, it's neat that I was dreaming about "little people" at a young age. (And I'm pretty sure the person in my dream - who never spoke - could levitate.)

Ha! Actually, he *did* sort of look like that. If a dream, he could very well have been modeled after Marvin!

...I've had dreams of archaeological sites appearing locally - specifically, Martian formations suddenly transplanted to Earth - in one case, my backyard!
(The latest was only a few nights ago; I meant to write about it on my blog. I'll put that on my 'to do' list.)"

- Mac Tonnies, 6/26/06

For a more recent dream, Mac posted on PHB, try here.

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