Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Cydonian Imperative Blog


I've decided to "upgrade" the Cydonian Imperative by posting new content on a Blogger template instead of "manually" creating pages for posts. The Cydonian Imperative has always been a blog, in essence if not in name, and it will continue to be one -- only a bit more user-friendly (for myself as well as for readers).

All of the "old" CI material will remain intact at www.mactonnies.com/cydonia.html. CI readers may also enjoy some of the Mars-related commentary archived at Posthuman Blues, my all-purpose daily blog. (Henceforth, Mars news items that would have appeared at Posthuman Blues will appear here.)

Thanks for your continued readership!"

- Mac Tonnies, Cydonian Imperative post 7/16/04


I've just added a new link to the sidebar under the Mac's "blogs" heading (and re-arranged the sidebar at the same time), one that I discovered only yesterday... Apparently, from July, 2004 to October, 2005, Mac had a blog exclusively devoted to Mars, also named Cydonian Imperative. Who knew? Do visit... it's kind of like a trip to Mars.

As the clock runs down on this blog, it seems I am being prompted to discover increasingly more Mac items that I was unaware of previously, so, in the coming days expect a few more interesting bytes found in my inexplicable, random forages across cyber-space.

As of October 31 this blog will be one year old. When I began it, I had no idea what I was doing or, really, why I was doing it or how long it would last. As we draw closer to to the anniversary of Mac's passing, however, and the one year anniversary of this blog, it occurs to me that, in a sense, this blog serves as a sort of a Mac Tonnies Time Capsule, and though I've attempted to let it go "archival" a few times, the true time to set it free is now, at the one-year mark. So, at some point in the next few weeks, Post Mac Blues will join the rest of Mac's online endeavors, more as a footnote than a homage... a guide to his endeavors, so they will never be lost.

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