Monday, October 25, 2010

Posthuman Blues, Day #1

"Why create a web log? What's the point? Speaking only for myself: to write. I have stacks of notebooks to be typed into readable form, but they're languishing. I fully intend to buy a laptop with my advance, so hopefully my collection of wirebound journals will shrivel and die.

You there. Reading this. You don't have to, you know. William Gibson's blog is almost certainly more interesting than this (yes, he has a blog now, and a pretty good website). This isn't intended for an audience, per se. Then again, that seems to be part of the cyber-chic/geek-appeal of this whole "blogging" thing: that reader and author are merged in an illicit conceptual pact, eavesdropping on otherwise uninteresting bouts of creative (?) self-indulgence.

Why "Posthuman Blues"? Jack Kerouac's "Book of Blues" contains some essentially worthless poetry...but if he'd toted a palmtop instead of a ruled notepad, his output would likely find a small but fervent niche audience. His "Book of Blues" is rich blogging material, written as one would scribble postcards to one's own clone or multidimensional counterpart."

- Mac Tonnies, PHB post 1/26/03


Mac launched the Posthuman Blues blog on January 26, 2003. He really didn't start adding illustrations, photographs etc, till months later. The photo of "Electro" above was one of his earliest attempts at embellishment.

That being said, it isn't as if Mac had no internet presence before that date. Apart from his website, one locale in which you will frequently find his name is at Errol Bruce-Knapps's UFO Updates mailing list at Virtually Strange. He regularly - if sporadically - posted messages from about August, 1999, to June, 2005, along with numerous other "paranormal" celebrities. The List is active to this day, but if you want to find Mac's contributions, your best bet is to scroll down on the Updates page to "Monthly Indexes (Full listing)" and begin your crawl through the various months indicated above. Here's some links to random highlights that might interest you:

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