Thursday, August 20, 2015

Meet your new Alien Overlords!

Well, okay, in reality, its average size is about 4 inches and its sting is rather harmless... but, don't be fooled!  Mastigias papua (alias the Spotted Jelly) has an advantage that none could have forseen...

Of course, you realize the real purpose of this post is to remember Mac on his birthday. And featuring jellyfish seems to have become a tradition.

He'd have been 40 today... not that the numbers mean a whole lot. And, in Mac's case, well, I can't imagine him ever getting old anyway. In fact, chances are, although he'd probably like the jellyfish video, what he'd really like is something like this...

Cheers, Mac!

PS  The above video was found on "hakodatecm's" playlist where a whole series of them can be found. Originally, a few were posted on a Pink Tentacle page, which Mac had posted about here... with this comment: This sure beats "Godzilla." (!)

That Mac... :-)