Sunday, October 18, 2015

2190 days ago...

From Mac's (recovered) twitpics page, captioned: "The f*cking Kansas City Marathon has me trapped!"
2191 days ago via phone

I didn't intend to do a post today. Yes, it's been six years now since the fateful day*, but, I'm getting to the point whereas I'd just like to discontinue counting.

That being said, I was feeling nostalgic last night, and found myself thumbing through some old email correspondence between Mac and myself which I still happen to have on this computer. (Not the really old stuff... that's in an older machine: "the black vault".)  I figured if I posted anything this 18th day of October, I'd find my inspiration there.

The first notable thing I found was a video link I sent him of a 2007 pyrotechnical display. I had the odd urge to post this immediately, but it seemed like an odd thing to post, so I held off.

Moving on, I found another link... to Mac's twitpics page. Now, if you recall, twitter had disabled it's photo pages, and I had removed Mac's twitpics link from the sidebar. But, lo and behold, upon clicking the old email link, all the photos appeared like magic. So, that was nice.

I've uploaded many of them here... in the event they're "disappeared" again. Notable ones: the one above... which was his last photo, posted to his twitter page on October 17, 2009... the first photo below, which is a shot of his unfinished "Crypto" manuscript... the cigarette smoking alien Mac dedicated to @WhitleyStrieber... Mac's tabby, Ebe... self-portraits featuring his new viewing apparatus... and a few slices of life in Kansas City...

(click on to enlarge...)