Thursday, October 21, 2010

Of Note

I've just rearranged the "Other Mac Tonnies Memorial Page/Post Links" section on the sidebar into alphabetical order, and added a few links. Amongst them is a memorial page from the mysterious Jez Velasquez (and/or Shiloh Jenz?) - aka Worm Intruder - and one that I had previously missed.

Do check out the very enigmatic site and memorial page... included is an unfinished song called "Barge", a traditional "Camp Fire" tune revitalized, recreated, and recorded by Velasquez and dedicated to her friends, Craig Ellis... and Mac Tonnies. It's quite lovely... have a listen now (mp3 format).

UPDATE (10/26/10): I've added a new podcast on the sidebar. On this one Mac argues his case for the Cryptoterretrials on Eerie Radio (circa 2007). You can listen to it here, but be prepared for a very long introduction by the hosts.

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