Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mac and Mannequins (7/18/2017 - Video Restored)

(left) "Fixated" - (right) "Warhol

(left) "Embrace" - (right) "Doll-face"
All photos - Mac Tonnies, 2008
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The photos above are from a collection of Mac's mannequin photos found on his Flickr pages. I once asked Mac, as he had such a fascination for robots and mannequins, why he couldn't understand a similar fascination for dolls (specifically mine) as, in the end, they seemed to be all part of a similar equation. Shortly thereafter he sent me a link to Marina Bychova's amazing doll galleries.

But I think the best reference for Mac and his delight in the mechanical comes from the "toy-friends" of J.F. Sebastion in Mac's favorite movie, "Blade Runner". Below is the haunting scene when Pris, the replicant, is "retired".

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