Thursday, November 19, 2009

Butterflies in Space

"In addition to the hefty pumps, tanks and gyroscopes heading to the International Space Station, space shuttle Atlantis is also transporting something to delight the eyes and stoke the curiosity of children: butterflies.
NASA is flying the critters as part of a science outreach project. The butterflies, which are currently caterpillars, will be transferred to the station to live out their lives in orbit."

The image above is entitled "Worm's Last Memory". It was an image I created for Mac last year, but, although he compared it to Giger, an artist he admired, he never posted it. I was somewhat hurt by this, but I think now that the image probably shook his Transhumanist tree... which was probably my underlying intention. It is also more "steam-punk" than "cyber-punk", and I think he preferred the latter. I'd love to hear his take on "butterflies in space", though... I think you can guess mine.

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