Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Reading Room (Fragments of a Posthuman Library)

Porta Temopris, 1999, Rinographics - from this page
(Actually, I'm not sure if this is the right Rhinographic link.. but, the robots are kind of cool...)

"The following are books devoted to unusual/uncommon topics. I offer them as recommendations for anyone curious about extraterrestrial life, space colonization, quantum theory, life extension, UFOs, human origins, artificial intelligence, etc.

Note that some of these titles are quite "mainstream," while others are decidedly "oddball." I've found that healthy doses of both camps help in breaking out of existing "reality tunnels." In other words: challenge yourself. Hold everything you "know" in question. We only think we know it all."

- Mac Tonnies from his on-site introduction to some "Recommended Reading".

Originally, the post that appeared here was a George Carlin video, which disappeared one fine day, as Youtube clips have developed a habit of doing. So, as opposed to replacing the video with another, I've moved George Carlin over to the sidebar of the blog. And, as of February, 2014, this post has become the PMB designated "reading room". It is one of the three posts on PMB that still maintain a comment section. Use it as you will, but don't feel obligated to involve me. I will only put my 2 cents in if specifically addressed. Talk amongst yourselves. ;-)

Photo of Mac's Books from his Flickr pages...
(Click to read the titles)

Photo of Mac's Books from his Flickr pages...
(click to see the the curios)

Transcript of Mac's Cyberpunk reading list also found here.
(click to read)


Mac's non-fiction reading list can be found here... and for some of his great book reviews, try here. Lastly, for a review of his favorite authors, go here.

Note on the 2nd of Mac's book photos: Dig that little Mothman statue. Here's a few more. Mac  was a huge fan of John Keel, and mentioned Mothman often on PHB. For instance, here's a post, featuring a very strange anecdote.

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