Friday, November 20, 2009

The Art of PHB

Posthuman Blues wasn't merely a showcase of Mac's talents or views or a chronicle of contemporary technology (and insanity}, he was also a patron of the arts and his blog served as an informal venue for a number of artists. Some of those that illuminated the Posthuman Blues archives are featured above: (from top to bottom) (left) Bob Dodson, (right) Mary Mattingly, (center) Robert Connat,  and someone Mac didn't yet feature only because he didn't find him in time, Paul Konig. Others, not featured here, would include Kenn Brown and Chris Wren of Mondolithic Studios... and the Brothers Quay, whom you might remember from a photographic still Mac originally featured on his blog's sidebar.

A clip from the Quay brother's short film "Wonderwood" is posted below.

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