Monday, September 26, 2011

Suppertime Sonnets: The Paperback

Shakespeare did it.... Milton did it.  Browning, Shelly and Keats did it... even Yeats did it. But now the tradition of the sonnet (and, for a BBC broadcast on the topic, listen here.) moves closer to home.

Kate Sherrod, our favorite sonneteer, has been dutifully counting our days with her wise and witty couplets for the past few years on her blog, Suppertime Sonnets. However, there has recently been new cause for celebration - a collection is now available for your own personal library!

You go, Kate - Mac would be so proud!


  1. Thanks for the plug and kind words! Mac was an early encourager of this very endeavor ("Hey Kate, you know this needs to be a book, right?").

    Just wow.

  2. Mac Tonnies, he got sonnetized a bit
    While dwelling on our plane. He was a great
    Good natured subject while among us. It
    He was among those who first told me "Kate,
    You know that there's a book here, right?" Since then,
    Well, I just miss him often, in iambs
    As in the rest of life. It's truly been
    A strange and wondrous way to kick the jams
    And share ideas. Thanks, Dia, for the bump.
    I'm thrilled to be included here, you know
    (And yes seeing this here did put a lump
    In my poor throat, but that's how these things go).
    And folks, you know that you can do this, too.
    Pick up a pen and scribble one or two!

  3. Wow, indeed!!! PMB memorialized in a sonnet!

    Thank you, dearest!

    Of course, Mac was right... and I'm certain there are more books to come... and may all the benevolent forces on this planet shine on you and every one of them! :-)

  4. Whoa Kate - this is AWEsome!!! Congrats!