Sunday, September 4, 2011

Haunted Mars

Sol 1891

Sol 1886

I don't know what it is I'm really seeing when I look at photographs of the Martian surface. Is it a haunted place or merely a lonely place, waiting patiently for new creatures to observe it?

Photo credits:
NASA/Caltech//JPL/Spirit rover


  1. An empty place methinks. I took a long look at that photograph on Discovery News the other night showing an impact crater with a hole in it at its centre where it had collapsed revealing some kind of cavern beneath. Wouldn't it be wonderful if, in the future,when man finally lands on Mars, that artefacts were found beneath the surface. :)

  2. Well, archaeologists are still digging up new evidence of previous inhabitants on this planet every day, so, I don't think it's really such a long shot that there's more to Mars than what is currently known or presupposed.

    Then again, look at all the underground warrens that humans have inhabited on earth as well... and these, too, are still being discovered, and some of them are vast.

    So, perhaps Mars is haunted, as well as waiting for new explorers... and if the current figures for our world's population growth are true, we may have to get there! ;-)