Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pink Tentacle, where are you?

I've been keeping an eye on that great site - Pink Tentacle - a favorite of Mac's - and one that I've mentioned on this blog previously, and wondering why there's been no updates in some time. Today I noticed a number of comments on the last PT post, I hadn't looked at previously, and it brought back some unfortunate memories. The last post is dated April 13th of this year and I'm sure readers of this blog and PHB will find the comment section eerily familiar.

Hopefully not ultimately as tragic, however. No, thankfully, there is no "news" of that kind.

Pink Tentacle hails from Japan, and there has been a great deal too many catastrophes in that country this year... a magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami, a magnitude 6.6. earthquake recently, and, not to mention, Typhoon Talas, and now Roke.

One can only hope that Pink Tentacle's absence is due to continued power shortages and conservation efforts only, and that our favorite cephalapod resurfaces soon!

News Flash: In a related story: 60,000 People March against Nuclear Power in Tokyo via this news page.


  1. https://twitter.com/#!/pinktentacle ;)

    1. Ya know, Anonymous, I was just about to do a follow-up post using the Twitter link you provided, when it occurred to me that Pink Tentacle's last Twitters are surely from March... but I believe March of last year!


  2. i want them back!