Monday, November 2, 2009

More Links to Mac Tonnies Memorial Pages

Day 11 of the aftermath and I'm afraid I'm still reeling. Still no word about Spook and Ebe.

Came across a link to these posts from Ninni on "Area 18" (the comment box on Mac's last PHB post)

As I come across more Mac memorial links, I'll eventually post them on the sidebar. Those below feature photos of a happy Mac on his home turf... a Mac we all needed to see.

Thanks, Ninni.

Lastly, I was happy to find a twitter from William Gibson about Mac's passing... Gibson is an author Mac greatly admired. This and other links of interest can be found here:


    1. What a good idea, This blog. I had a dream. I could walk throw people

    2. What a wonderful dream... perhaps, in a sense true.