Monday, November 2, 2009

Another PHB Flashback

Remember this guy? He would appear occasionally on PHB... It was one of those spontaneous graphics I was inspired to do for Mac shortly after he had posted the masthead. His name is Arthur... code name: Jellyfish. We had a future collaboration planned for a graphic story about Arthur (a biological experiment gone wrong). I'm sorry it'll never happen now.


  1. It is gratifying to know that Mac had such a good friend. I knew him and corresponded for years. From time to time, I would PhotoShop a picture and Mac would post it on PHB. I sent him many books over the years and he opened my horizons by recommending reading and listening material...Thank you for this ongoing tribute.

  2. and thank you for dropping by! I think I remember Mac mentioning you and the books you were sending him... I also think that all the people Mac corresponded with over the years were considered by him to be friends... and I think we should all be grateful to know that he had so many!