Sunday, November 22, 2009

Four Drawings

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According to Dana Tonnies, Macs legacy includes hundreds of sketches like the ones above, a few which appeared on Posthuman Blues, but a number of others which can be found on a 3 page gallery beginning here. I don't think Mac ever took his artwork seriously, perhaps feeling that it was a distraction from his more "serious" role as a writer. But it's the individual's ability for numerous varieties of self-expression that separates humans from wasps, and it's through this ability our species evolves. There is no law, as of yet, that dictates that we as creative beings must limit our roles to that of "one trick ponies". Mac appreciated art because he was an artist with a fairly accurate sense of design. I think his little "doodles" speak volumes, and sincerely hope that one day they, at the very least, can be compiled into another book, so that his artist's visions are not lost.

Plus: Two more drawings from the vault.

(2014 note: Some of Mac's drawings have recently been published here

(November 15, 2014 update: For various reasons, the links that appeared on this post have been removed. I will try to replace the PHB blogspot links with Posthuman links in the future.)

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