Monday, November 23, 2009

Cardboard & Cinnamon

A poem Mac posted on Posthuman Blues, 2003...

"Caffeine laughter 

Julia sets 
(anomalous magnetism) 
Captured on film 
(we study reports) 
Acres of glass, 
Imitation marble 
Raw squid 
and infomercials 
Hyperoxygenated blood: 
more durable memory 
Rorschach calligraphy / 
Thinking machines 
No, truly thinking 
(aware of quantum manifestions) 
Why don't we all meditate 
on the singularity 
Small Gray men 
(suits of reptile flesh, 
cardboard and cinnamon)"

-Mac Tonnies, 2003


  1. Thank you again for doing this. I wind up crying again every time I visit, but it's starting to get better. It's so wonderful to finally, in some fashion, meet the mind behind the art that delighted me on PHB. Don't stop doing what you do and I won't either. Mac would want it that way.

    With affection and sadness,


  2. Much obliged, Kate.

    Then again, I'm reminded me of this weird little email I received from Mac this past August... It's actually pretty funny in a blackly humorous way. He may have posted it elsewhere but I'll cut and paste it here anyway:

    "What Happens Afer I Die?
    Sun, August 9, 2009 7:01:58 PM
    From:Mac Tonnies
    To: Mac Tonnies

    I hope you find this website as informative and fascinating as I did:

    Mac Tonnies

    What's "weird" is that the email was addressed to himself (?) and yet wound up in my mailbox. Go figure.