Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pandora's Box

Mac posted this image of mine last year. I think it was one of my images he most liked. Unfortunately, practically all of the images I had posted to the Araqinta site in those days were hideously inaccurate in a web format (as you can see from the example on Mac's post.. ) but I didn't realize this till I finally got a new computer and programs... at which time, I was so horrified at how my images had been translated online that I quickly scrapped the site.

This then is how (and I'm only assuming you see what I see) "Lenticular Cloud, B.C. - Pandora's Box" should've looked like. Well, almost anyways. (Click on for a larger image)

I was always deeply grateful to Mac for his support of my work. He seemed to have such an intuitive grasp for what I was attempting to do.

A final word on "Pandora's Box." It's disturbing to me that so much of what is labelled "paranormal" has been fitted into a virtual Pandora's Box by mainstream society. It's as if, even to address issues of the mysterious matters of life, death, consciousness, and the psyche, somehow unleashes unmitigated peril. But I have always thought otherwise, and I think Mac's death really brings it home. The true peril lies not in what's inside of the box; the peril is the reality of the box itself. It diminishes us and we grieve.

There's an awful void in the Post-Mac online world. Maybe we really need to open up that box... and keep it open.

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