Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mac on "Arthur"

"That's not a bad idea. The future could have a
variety of gene-modified humanoids designed for
various servile tasks (kind of like the replicants in
"Blade Runner"). Maybe Arthur could be a biological
weapon ordered to commit suicide to fulfill some
extremist cause. Naturally, Arthur might be reticent.
So if he flees, the "good" guys *and* the "bad" guys
would be after him."

- Mac Tonnies,l 1/29/06

For a recap of "Arthur", see my previous post.

We never did agree on the direction of the story, and certainly not on the ending. Mac wanted action and suicide bombers. I wanted something more murky and existentialist. I wanted Arthur to be a sort of unwitting hero, but Mac thought that premise might be too "feel good." We sort of agreed on the ending, though. In that, Arthur would inadvertently wipe out humanity and then swim off into the sunset with the vestiges of his hybrid/mutant race!

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