Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crypto's from Mars?

"Here's where my "cryptoterrestrial" thought experiment starts getting weird:

Although accounts of "little people" imply a nonhuman civilization parallel to our own, the "others" generally have a recognizably human-like appearance, suggesting a common ancestry. If so, where did we originate? On Earth? Possibly. But it's imperative that we examine more far-flung real-estate, if only to cover all bases and rule out red herrings. I'm particularly attracted to Mars, a planet that boasts some unlikely formations that may be archaeological sites..."

If Mars is indeed a piece of the puzzle, the cryptoterrestrials with whom we share the planet may retain a collective memory of their ancestral world."

- Mac Tonnies, PHB post, 5/9/06

As Mars seems to be presently constellating on this blog, here's an interesting tidbit from one of Mac's PHB forgotten essays. "Forgotten", in the sense that this is one cryptoterrestrial issue that, sadly, did not appear in Mac's allegedly final manuscript. "Sadly", because some of us just loved when Mac's "thought experiments" got "weird"!

In this particular one, we're all Martians! :-)

Do check out the post - great comments, too.


  1. Wonderful post - one I had not seen before - thank you for linking it here!

  2. Thanks so much, K.!
    Meanwhile, you know that Mac's "thought experiment" was inaccurate on one count: only *some* of us are Martians! :-)