Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mac on a "Psychic Internet"

"Re. Swann's thesis: I tend to agree that there's a
common "psychic" component. I've wondered if the
"aliens" make up for their apparent lack of physical
communications infrastructure (broadcast towers, etc.)
by relying on a kind of "psychic Internet" that we're
unable to hack."

- Mac Tonnies, via email 5/14/07

I've long held the opinion that the "collective unconscious" is a type of psychic internet, with all the related implications one might deduce. If anything, what we refer to as cyber-space is merely a rudimentary, materialistic expression of what's occurring at all times - and in a vastly more complex form - within the (possibly bio-electro-physical) "aether"... and is, because of our lack of understanding, beyond our control.

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