Saturday, July 17, 2010

Whitley Strieber Interviews Mike Clelland

"Mac Tonnies was one of the fastest rising young investigators of the paranormal and the UFO phenomenon before his untimely death of natural causes at the age of 34. His last book, the Cryptoterrestrials, asks the question: what if the "aliens" are actually from here? How would that work? What's the evidence?

Mac's close associate Mike Clelland is interviewed by Whitley Strieber about this provocative idea and Mac's fascinating new book."

- The Unknown Country , This Week on Dreamland

Mike Clelland, who created the interior illustrations for Mac Tonnies' last book, talks about Mac and the Cryptoterrestrials on Dreamland. Listen now by clicking the link in the upper right-hand corner of the Dreamland page (link provided above). I also note on the sidebar of the page:

"Mac Tonnies was a remarkable investigator, and his untimely death of natural causes at the age of 34 was a great loss for the community of people struggling to find focus and meaning at the edge of reality. We add to our permanent subscriber archive a truly fascinating and important group of clips from Mac's various radio appearances."

I don't seem to have the right plug-in to listen to the show, and I can't say for certain whether of not the radio-show clips mentioned contain ones not posted on this blog's sidebar, but it all sounds interesting. More info can be found on Mike Clelland's blog.

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