Friday, July 9, 2010

H.R. Giger's Tarot - Updated

Ah, you didn't know Giger did a Tarot? Well, I didn't till I found it here. And it is also found here.

There's a wealth of mystical symbols found in the multitude of Tarot decks that can be found on these two pages... including, you guessed it, the UFO Tarot.



Update (May 14, 2014): H.R. Giger passed away Monday (May 12) at the age of 74. Two online articles I recommend: the Daily Grail's Vale H.R. Giger, 1940 - 2014, and Farewell, H.R. Giger from Histories of Things to Come.

Also, I note the first Giger Tarot link has been broken, so here's a better one. I'm also including this Giger Museum link on the sidebar.


  1. COOL! I had no idea Geiger had done Tarot drawings.

    I think every artist with a passing interest in the Tarot has considered a series. Something I'm considering for the future.

  2. Hey BG!

    You know, creating your own tarot deck is a superb idea. The personal deck is the best to use, too, for ones daily "meditations". I can see your crows and masks as possible representations of the Wands and Pentacles suits in the Lower Arcana.

    I was going to include a couple of my own card designs from my own tarot-like deck - also a version of the Lower Arcana, (from which garden variety playing cards possibly originated) - but decided against it. I haven't used them in years, but there was a time when they were instrumental in maintaining my sanity.

    Really. ;-)