Thursday, July 8, 2010

RAW on Aleister Crowley

I think most people are aware that Robert Anton Wilson wrote for New Age and esoteric magazines such as Magical Blend and Gnosis, some articles of which can be found here. But even Mac was surprised when I mentioned I had found an article by RAW in one of my old (1976-1977) copies of the Witches' Almanac. The title of the article in question? "Mind Messages".

But I don't want to wrap this post up without letting Crowley have the last word. Here are two quotes from his "Book of Thoth" - a book about the Tarot - which are as relevant today as they were when he wrote them in 1944.

"It is important to have this idea in ones mind, because otherwise one fails to grasp the whole spirit of modern Science-Philosophy. It does not aim at Truth. It does not conceive of Truth (in any ordinary sense of the word) as possible; it aims at maximum convenience."


"Modern science, intoxicated by the practical success which attended this innovation, has simply shut the door on anything that cannot be measured. The Old Guard refuses to discuss it. But the loss is immense."

(Of note: Boing Boing posted an online Life magazine link regarding Crowley that's worth taking a peek at - if only for the great vintage photographs!)

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