Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meme Dispersal

There's a couple of things over at UFO Mystic, you might want to check out.

Leslie Gunter has posted a video of an anomalous sky phenomenon over China which is as unusual as it is beautiful.

Also, Nick Redfern has posted notice of his new radio show, Exploring All Realms, hosted by himself and Raven Meindel which starts tonight, at 9pm EST. First up, an interview with Brad Steiger. Regardless of your views on Brad Steiger, I say be there, or be a bore. For future shows, I've posted a permanent link on the side-bar of this blog.

Lastly, over at the irrepressible Boing Boing, David Pescovitz has posted an interesting article, Retrying 17th century Alchemy that should concern us here. Alchemy is yet another misunderstood "paranormal" art which has a rich history, and a number of implications that the mechanistic science regime has always been at great pains to refute.

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