Friday, January 25, 2013

Hungry for Mars?

I guess I must be!

 Found a listing for Curiosity rover weekly reports and thought I'd share. It's about as close to a walk on Mars that one can get presently...

For past & future reports, try here.


  1. Wouldn't you just love to be able to go there? I know I would. :)

    1. I figure in my next life, maybe! ;-)

    2. Just finished reading a scifi book I think Mac maybe would have approved of called The Black Ships by Canadian author A.G.Claymore. It concerns the first time Mars is targeted for mining and what happens. If you forget about how many laws of physics are ignored it is a great read Dia. :)

    3. Thanks for the tip... hmmm... mining... sound like maybe they dug up more than they bargained for - am I close? In any case, I'm all for forgetting certain laws, physical and otherwise. ;-)

      Thanks for the link, too!