Friday, July 9, 2010

Jung and the "Other"

"If an alien intelligence is accountable for even a small degree of our collective preoccupation with the "other," it's conceivable that we have, in fact, established a dialogue of sorts. Maybe we're being taught a new mythological syntax so that, confronted with the specter of planetary disaster, we'll have the means of rising to the challenge.

I'm not suggesting we'll be saved at the last minute in some alien Rapture. But the UFO phenomenon's symbolic importance shouldn't go unrecognized. Perhaps, as Carl Jung mused, UFOs signal a change in the collective unconscious. The UFO intelligence might be attempting to hasten that change, if only for ultimately selfish reasons. It might be devastatingly lonely and need us to keep from withering away in the long interstellar night. Or the truth could be more immediate: just because we might be someone else's property, an idea espoused by Charles Fort, doesn't mean we're not valuable property."

Mac Tonnies, PHB post 1/9/07

Carl Jung is an important piece in this puzzle of the paranormal that I am currently constructing. So important, in fact, that it's going to take me some time to mull over the facts before I can continue.

Meanwhile, apparently Jung reported in his biography, "Memories, Dreams, Reflections" that he used a deck of Tarot cards daily, for reasons related to his theories of archetypes, synchronicity and psychoanalysis, which, in turn, is very much relative to my recent posts...

Specifically, this last one...


  1. I'd like to receive notice of any further posts you enter concerning Jung, Dia. I agree with you that his work has pertinence to the study of the paranormal, and I am particularly fascinated with how his notion of the personal unconscious and working with symbolism relate to neuroscience.

    If interested, you can read a recent article I just posted, entitled "Obfuscation and the Personal Unconscious: A Neurophenomenological Exploration," which you can find here:

  2. Hey, Eric, thanks for dropping by! I have no idea how you landed on my blog, but I'm assuming you once followed Mac Tonnies.

    I've skimmed your article - and, I say whoa, quite an impressive bit to chew on there! I'm not sure if I agree with it, but then, I'm not really finishing chewing yet. Then again, I probably come in at about a 6 on your consciousness scale - the individualist. We individualists bitch a lot. And we buy nothing.

    All in all, I don't know that I'm going to say anything about Jung that isn't merely pedestrian from your point of view, but I should be posting a few Jung-related bits in the next few days... and you are most welcome to donate your nouns, verbs and adjectives - please do! :-)