Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kitten Glitch (Video Restored, 7/14)

Please be advised, we are currently experiencing technical difficulties due to some inexplicable feline interference. Stay tuned. We will resume normal broadcasting momentarily...


  1. now one cute kitten.

    Read "Omega" by Jack McDevitt recently and he brought up an interesting question in how we might get caught up in the struggle of "cute" aliens facing an extinction they have no concept of.

  2. Well, I actually had two ulterior motives for posting this video.:
    1. To send this out to Mac in the aether... he would, on occasion, send me a cute cat link and I figured I owed him one.
    2. It was a sort of test to see how many humans actually visited this blog... with the assumption that you just ain't really human if you've nothing to say about this little entity!

    Current total: 1. (Congratulations, Bob!)

    But yeah, he/she does look like a tiny alien... must be the weird ears... which is actually a trait of the Scottish Fold breed. See: