Saturday, June 11, 2011

Radio Misterioso

Greg Bishop's Radio Misterioso is back on the track, and I, for one, am glad! He's just posted a great interview (from 2007) with Turkish Ufologist, Farah Yurdozu, who sheds an interesting light on the UFO phenomenon in Turkey, but also much, much more. She touches upon one topic that has always intrigued me: the underground cities of Cappadocia. Apparently Turkey is warrened with a number of underground cities of unknown origin. I remember bringing up the subject of Cappadocia (shone above) to Mac Tonnies when he was in the midst of forming his Cryptoterrestrial hypotheses and, oddly enough, Farah's understanding of the the Turkish mythology surrounding the underground cities is very supportive of Mac's theories. All in all, a fascinating radio show. Listen here.


UPDATE: For those interested in Farah Yurdozu, I suggest heading on over to the Women of Esoterica blog, where Farah is a guest contributor. There you will find more links to conjure with...!


  1. The subject of Cappadocia is fascinating -- I'd love to see this in person....whatever the origins.

  2. Listening tonight... One of my favorite podcasts glad Greg is back online.