Thursday, June 16, 2011

Speaking of Mars...

"The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) is a United States space administration (NASA) mission with the aim to land and operate a rover named Curiosity on the surface of Mars. It is scheduled to launch on November 25, 2011 and land on Mars on August 6, 2012. It will perform the first-ever precision landing on Mars. The Curiosity rover will help assess whether Mars ever was, or is still today, an environment able to support microbial life. In other words, its mission is to determine the planet's habitability. It will also analyze samples scooped up from the soil and drilled powders from rocks."

- via a Wiki article

I suppose whether or not this is good news or no news depends upon the ability of NASA scientists to interpret the data found... and to what extent they are willing to share this knowledge with the public at large.

In any case, Spirit is, indeed, history. BOL to Curiosity!

(Thanks to Maggie and this BoingBoing post...)

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  1. In my Humble Opinion, ANY Mars mission is excellent news regardless of the findings.