Friday, June 3, 2011

The Windbridge Institute

"The spiral served as a sacred and creative symbol in nearly every culture of the ancient world. The triple spiral---or triskele---was first seen in Celtic cultures but has symbolized numerous triads to many different societies: Land-Sea-Sky; Past-Present-Future; Thought-Word-Deed; Birth-Death-Rebirth; etc."

This is sort of a follow-up to a post on PMB listing the currently existent paranormal institutes and associations. I just discovered The Windbridge Institute (their logo is the triskelion shown above) in Tucson, Arizona, from a The Daily Grail article, specifically this page. I feel it may interest some of you and so I add it here.

I notice the institute currently has an interesting paranormal study underway - found on the afore-mentioned page - that involves psychic readings. Sadly, the desired participants should, and I quote, "have NOT experienced the death of any family members, romantic interests, or close friends during their lives. Individuals who have not lost anyone close to them are being specifically recruited in order to attempt to prevent deceased "drop-ins" during psychic readings for living participants."

... Which pretty much cancels me out on all 3 counts... Oh well... although I must say I'm curious as to just who would "drop in"...

Anyway, you'll notice my sudden short spate of posts in the past couple of days... just an anomaly.

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