Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Found Object #4

"I've got an atom-emblazoned T-shirt (not seen in the snapshot I sent). BTW, I don't go around with my shirts unbuttoned in real life, as the glare
from my pale chest might blind and/or distract passersby..."

Mac Tonnies - 8/20/08

I had reason to go into my old off-line Imac the other day... presently an obsolete artifact, but, additionally my own personal "Black Vault", storing my old websites, old graphics and pre-2009 email correspondence. The latter is comprised in part by a wealth of emails from Mac, which I'd been reluctant to read in full... that is, till the other day.

The dragonfly-Mac-avatar ("snapshot") was attached to an email dated October 20, 2008. Apparently he was attempting to create an avatar for "Second Life". I've never been involved with "Second Life" (as I have enough problems with Life #1!), so I don't know what he ended up using. His explanation for the wings: "They're just a momentary affectation... just for the whimsy of it."

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