Friday, May 14, 2010

Found Object

"Paul ("The Other Side of Truth") Kimball's been working on a publicity poster for the Symposium. His first effort, while superficially striking, needed some work. So I helped him out a bit and he came up with something considerably more effective...
Feel free to print this out (preferably in color) and hand out to the unsaved. (Want the full-size version? Who can blame you?) ;-)"

Found on Posthuman Blues, posted September 14, 2006.


  1. I remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks for posting!


  2. You're welcome, Paul!

    But, I must say that you, more than anyone really, were a real hero to Mac in those days... And, ultimately - and I don't know if anyone realizes this - the one person who really kept him afloat. So, thank you... and thanks so much for dropping by!

    (Hell, "those times" were only 4 years ago... But, to me, they already induce nostalgia!)