Saturday, July 15, 2017

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"In the 1920s, after the death of his mother, Houdini began focusing his energy on debunking psychics and mediums. Although he eventually focused on proving these people to be fakes, his initial entry into the world of the supernatural began when he attempted to contact his dead mother. However, he found that the mediums he met were often frauds. He began investigating their methods and claims and later became a self-appointed crusader against them. He knew he could duplicate their methods on stage and it was not long before his efforts to reach his mother became secondary to his need to expose the frauds. Ashamed of having masqueraded as a medium during his medicine show days, Houdini began making notes for a book. However, to prove that he did have an open mind, the magician made a pact with his friends that when he died, he would make contact, if at all possible, from the other side. He devised a secret code with his wife Bess so that only she could divine the legitimacy of the message."

- Found on this Harry Houdini page.


I confess, comrades, I haven't exactly been in top form these days... nor have I had the luxury of routinely spending hours and hours online... so, I tend to miss stuff, or put stuff off, or neglect things which I normally wouldn't. One such "thing" happened to be a podcast Greg Bishop featured on Radio Misterioso the 23rd of last month: Paul Kimball – Returning to Old Haunts... which I just listened to the other night.

As it so happens, Greg recorded the show in Nova Scotia where he'd gone to attend Paul Kimball's wedding. (Congratulations, Paul; wishing you and your partner much happiness!) As for their chat, well, a broad range of subjects were in the mix, up to and including Paul's recent close brush with Nova Scotia's political arena.

But, the real reason this post appears here is because Paul just happened to mention a recent experience of his - during the filming of one of his "Ghost Cases" television shows (examples can be found here and here) - regarding close friend, Mac Tonnies.  Nope, no spoilers here, but the Houdini quote above is a clue! Here's a direct link to the podcast. Thanks, Greg and Paul!


Urgent message to Tucson Phoenix Peeples, Mac's friend and Latteland comrade:

No, no no, NO MORE MEMORIALS! So, y'all get well real soon now, ya hear?

...and, that's an order!

The Management :-)

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